Two Factor Authentication (TFA) / Two Step Verification

Two Factor Authentication (TFA) –

Two Factor Authentication is the medium to identify, behind the thing. In the process checking the identity of the entity. Like on Google, anyone is trying to access googles service, using 2 step verification. Like Gmail and if he/she dont have the access to use Googles any of service. Thus there is the factor that proves your identity that youre the actual owner of that, using Gmail service. In other words, without going to Two Factor Authentication, you just enter the username and password and then you are done. Where the password is your single factor of authentication.

Two Factor Authentication (TFA) / Two Step Verification

Two Factor Authentication (TFA) / Two Step Verification

Benefits of two-factor authentication –

Well, the benefits of two-step verification are simple. Like as it requires a user to verify their identity by entering any of factor. Like the password is authenticating the users identity. Further, it allows accessing in website or app. Also, it is impossible for a hacker to hack the accounts access while he /shes trying brute force attack. But here two-step verification that securing you from hackers.

Like you have the password to access but still you have to verify that you are the right user using the following service. For example, the famous e-commerce site asking for 2-factor authentication. Where firstly you have to enter username and password. After that, it is requiring just one step for authentication, such as SMS OTP (One time password) send to your registered mobile number via SMS.

Two-Factor Authentication Using for –

Mostly, two-step verification is using for verifying the authenticity of users access to the website or for the network. As the “Bulk SMS India” service which is using in Banks. For example, while making a transaction of any e-shop sites youll be taking on “Two-Factor Authentication” where firstly youll be asked for first step authentication and further youll be asked for two-step authentication to grant the transaction. With the help of Bulk SMS Services on two-step verification asked to provide a unique code sent to your phone or from your mobile. Use our very very easy to The Web Based Panel.

Any of industry, using Two-Factor Authentication where SMS API integration enables the SMS to be sent to the user’s mobile phone from the SMS Company’s gateway. Most of the “Bulk SMS Service Provider” have the facility for providing SMTP and HTTP SMS API integration. As the integration choices depend on what your system is built for and the users it is meant for.

How much does it cost?

Well, HemsMedia having various SMS Integration plans for as for their using on the program. Visit here to have a look on different – different pricing plans. However, SMS rates are based on the charge set for outgoing messages.

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