Bulk Voice SMS is Also a Great Marketing Tool 

Bulk Voice SMS is the synonym of Bulk SMS, where you can send an automated Voice in Bulk through the message. Thus, you can use Bulk SMS Voice SMS to send a voice with the targeted words to all of the contacts. Bulk Voice SMS is also the part of the Bulk SMS.

There are two types of Bulk messaging, Bulk SMS and another is Bulk Voice Call. Also, there is bit difference between both. Firstly describes bulk SMS in which format of SMS is text type and they will send on only mobiles phone because text format shows on only smart and mobiles phone. The second bulk voice SMS (voice call) format is the audio type and they will send on mobiles phone and landlines phone because audio format i.e. pre-recorded voice and voice always deliver every type of phone like mobiles and landlines phone.

Bulk Voice SMS is Also a Great Marketing Tool

Bulk Voice SMS is Also a Great Marketing Tool

Functionality of Bulk Voice SMS –

Bulk voice SMS is best tool of marketing and promotional type is using for marketing. In which record own message then create recipients and send the groups of mobiles numbers. It is perfectly automatic process in which using system and set all thinks like pre-recorded message and contact list.

The system has the online control panel. We operate c-panel and then our system will start calling and recipients and play our voice message. Its file extensions are .rec, .mp3 or Wav (Recorded file).

Benefits of Bulk Voice SMS –

  • Charge Only for Answer Call – It is a major and big benefit for marketing. We pay for only answered call not all calls.
  • Unable to deliver calls on DND Numbers
  • Clip Recording – here you can convert your text message into the sound clip.
  • Instant delivery & Real Time Report.
  • Send voice message in your own language.
  • Free API Availability.
  • Improving Productivity

Type of Duration on Bulk Voice SMS –

  1. 30 seconds
  2. 60 seconds
  3. 120 seconds
  4. 180 seconds
Use of Bulk Voice SMS –
  • Generating Leads
  • Notification about Events
  • Raising of Funds
  • Political campaign promotions
  • Voter Registration
  • Vote reminders
  • Service reminders
  • Product promotions
  • Stock alerts
  • Meeting alerts, etc.
Conclusion –

As the Bulk SMS, Bulk Voice SMS is also the best marketing tool. Also, Bulk Voice SMS is the also best cost-effective tool. Even Bulk Voice SMS having high availability and high accuracy because of many reasons. Like Bulk SMS, Bulk Voice SMS also offers very very easy to use interface. Even a non-technical person can also easily use it. Also, HemsMedia provides very very easy user panel which can be used by any non-technical person.

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