Today Hotel industry is gearing up to the power of text messaging to increase their sales and business during off peak periods. With the use of SMS technology, Hotel and Resort industry are scaling the next level of promotional activity. At times, these Hospitality sector had fewer means to advertise or promote their businesses. It used to be very expensive and time consuming affair. Moreover the reach of promoting information would be restricted to fewer masses. But today, things have changed a lot. Hotels and resorts have started using Mobile marketing to sell their products and services. Bulk SMS sending facility opts for cheaper and effective mode to communicate to their customers in much better way. Though the SMS marketing trend is setting in slowly, surely in near future it will grow bigger and bigger for Hotels and Resorts.

Provision and Services:

We are pionnere in providing bulk sms service according to the need of various industries. Our extended bulk sms service for the hotel and tourism industry will help to promote their business and satisfy their customer. We provide fast and comprehensive bulk sms service that will ensure overall growth and development of the industry.

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