Transactional SMS

Our cost effective and reliable transactional SMS service helps our loyal customers in reaching out many people across India.

Transactional SMS are those SMS which has the additional feature that is Sender’s Identity and Transactional SMS can send 24*7*365 days. Transactional SMS Services meant for passing necessary information as well as sharing information to those who are part of Transaction or registered users. Such as sending notifications, alerts, reminders to those people who has been registered with the companies.We offer Transactional SMS services with API (Application Program Interface) which helps in integrating whether you are on software or website for sending information regarding purchase confirmations, registrations, and OTP scenarios, student progress reports to parents and for many more applications.

In Transactional SMS, Six character Sender ID, so as you can send SMS by your company/ product brand. Additionally, Transactional SMS are delivered to all those even registered in DND (Do Not Disturb) & can be sent 24*7*365 days.


Hems Media offers Transactional SMS Services, can be used by any selected category companies which are given by TRAI. Some of the features are listed below.

Delivery Time 24X7 delivery.
DND Numbers All numbers delivered.
SMS Delivery Using predefined templates approved.
Sender ID Static 6-Alpha Sender ID.
Options High Priority SMS  and Normal SMS .
Multiple SMS Automatically assigned to all clients.
Set up cost Zero Charges.
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