Bulk SMS services provide Hemsmedia website owners with a unique opportunity. They can bridge the gap in customer service offerings with SMS technology, which will improve Hemsmedia conversions over time. Depending how and where you use your texts will determine if you are able to streamline your site to sell more goods to your ideal customer base. With bulk SMS on your side, you can expect a boost in on-site metrics, sales and customer retention rates from the moment you begin promoting your new text services.To the Hemsmedia website owner, bulk SMS is simply the process of disseminating large volumes of SMS messages to an intended audience. This audience is usually made up of past customers, or fans that have opted-in to an SMS list that is promoted on the website.


Hemsmedia  is leading and one of the oldest bulk sms suppliers in india. We proud to provide our bulk sms service in whole india for NGO Organisation also with good service quality. Our own Software for SMS Interface will enable you to experience the real beauty of BULK SMS Service for NGO Organisation Our Web based Bulk SMS Software offers a very useful set of features like real time bulk SMS delivery reports, user friendly contact list management, export import excel CSV format files functionality, very advance scheduling functionalities, basic SMS functionalities like group, template etc. Apart from all this features Hemsmedia always wins at their Service side. in any odd cases or rules changes from government side, HEMSMEDIA always gives prompt reply to all new bulk sms inquiries as well as current NGO Organisation bulk sms customers  and even educate them the right way to adopt the bulk sms service. Consistency in this bulk sms market is one of the parameter that customers can check the genuineness of bulk sms supplier.

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Is charity giving like investing?

So what does the world of investments have to do with giving money to charity? To help give to those who are spending their lives for various causes? What is the connection between building a database for stock markets and a noble cause like setting up and running a charity? As it turns out – a lot.