Enables Clients to send on-line Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS Software can help every business which tries to get as close as it can to its customers. The aim is to keep customers up to date with company news, products or service updates, relevant information about their accounts, or to send them notifications for important events. Bulk SMS Software can help you in doing this as mobile phones are a commodity today, and SMS, you are sure that your customers are aware about the latest product/services you are offering. (Short Message Service) offer an intriguing solution. SMS are delivered in a matter of seconds, and customers are far more likely to receive SMS and read SMS, no matter their current locations and SMS are FREE for receiver. When you use SMS Software for sending. SMS Gateway is an application that serves Internet content to mobile subscribers using SMS messaging.

The expertise text messaging software designed specifically to send bulk SMS from PC to any mobile phone numbers using GSM technology based cell phones. DRPU Bulk SMS program facilitates users to send any number of sms to either limited or group of people at any time even without using any internet connection. Software saves your valuable time by providing best alternative for timely telephonic calls and emailing services. The SMS Gateway connects to an Short Message Service Center on one side, and connects to applications on the Internet on the other side. Thus, SMS gateway functions as a “gateway” between the GSM network and the Internet, providing Internet information to mobile subscribers using SMS messaging.

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