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Bulk SMS India for Health Care Companies. Every development in technology makes an advantage on making life easier for people. Aside from the internet, the invention of mobile phones makes information sent almost at the speed of light. One of the fields that take on a great advantage is faster provision and render of services in the most essential fields such as medicine and health care. For example, Information Technology is now used by companies for medicine and pharmaceutical services. Bulk SMS gateway India is one of those that adapted the means to send information to their customers and product users.

Alerts to patients on promotional schemes (e.g. free diabetes test this weekend). Patients can query doctor/ambulance availability/test reports. Alerts to patients on change of appointment. Send OPD schedule updates to doctors. Alerts to specialists on being assigned to an in-patient. Send information on new product launches to doctors. Collect and send critical information to the pharma sales force. Reminder of taking vaccine on particular time.

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