Web based SMS system – A complete solution for school communications with parents.

Hems Media  IT Solutions provides Web based SMS system is a complete solution for School/College communications with parents. It assures Student-Truancy reduction and provides emergency SMS alerts to parents and Students and any selected group. This SMS software provides a brilliant service for staff to contact parents or each other about school related issues.As all teachers are aware, time constraints often mean that they are unable to contact parents within school hours, but this service allows short messages to be delivered immediately to their mobile phone in the form of a text message.

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Hems Media connects National, International and also local educational establishments, schools, colleges etc., with more number of potential students, parents and other targeted receivers. We aim to maximize client’s brand visibility in targeted and relevant locations and augment their campaigns further ensuring maximum number of lead generation possible is achieved. The digital campaigns for lead generation and further the lead management services are strategist and delivered using modern technology based bulk email and bulk SMS India services. The entire service package is designed and executed to deliver increased brand visibility, higher user engagement and optimization of resources.

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