This decade has seen two major changes in the Banking industry using bulk SMS India. Advent of the ATM/Internet has reduced the competitive advantage of bigger Banks in terms of higher physical presence and the distinction between the Banks and Financial service organization has vanished as Banks have matured into a complete personal finance institutions providing bouquet of financial services under one umbrella. These shifts in the Banking industry have made them to look for multiple and alternate channels to engage the customer by providing him/her with value added services & to look for innovative means of reducing the transaction costs per- customer. Mobile messaging provides a cost effective means to engage a customer and build a long-term relationship.


There are bulk SMS India site that provides these services for banks. With it, banks can send SMS alerts on their customers regarding their personal accounts, new promos, customer service, access to services and a lot more. They can even do this unlimited and beyond borders – with bulk SMS international, they can even message their clients who are abroad.

Bulk SMS for Banking And Finance

SMS provides fast, direct and secure communications with clients, and adds the additional benefit of direct personalized transactions.

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